Some references on the Web...

The Pilotlist site
This French site regroups all the French-speaking pages dedicated to aeronautical activities.
Global Air
Equivalent to "Pilotlist" but in English.
Real search engine dedicated to Aviation.
Satanas Airlines
These pages were realized by a member of my Aéro-club and contains beautiful aerobatics photos taken from plane.
Jim Maupin
All the Jim Maupin's gliders. Performances, construction time. One can order plans by Internet (170 $ for Carbon Dragon).
Avid Aircraft Home Page
The site of Avid Flyer designed by Dean Wilson.
Jackpot for Randy Schlitter, RANS planes are the most sold in the World! Coyote, Airwing, Courier, Sakota, all the realizations by home builders.
Aero Club Dassault Ile de France
The site of my aéro-club.
Aero parts
If you want to add a starter on your old plane, Daniel will make the best work for you.