In this autobiographical story, Richard Bach tries to live on the " barnstorming ", Nothing by chance that is to travel in the stoneware of winds in the American middlewest, and in every stage to propose to people who live there in the occasion to discover their farm, their fields, their house, their village seen with the sky for 3 dollars the tour! This a little bit anachronistic adventure, because it takes place in the end of the 60s, is in fact a homage to the pilots desoeuvrés the 30s which, as he, went from city to city aboard old " Curtiss Jenny " and competed in courage and in boldness during air spectacles or they enchainaient the most mad waterfalls which one will see never no more than in the cinema. In this story, Richard and his team mates (Paul, his friend of always and Stu, a young student making of the parachuting), that they ironically decked out of " Great American Flying Circus's " name, go to meet the deep amérique so conservative and nevertheless in full alteration. Richard finds there answer to the question that he settled(arose) while he had just just purchased his old biplane Ryan Detroit Parks P-2A " Speedster " : is it still possible to live on the " barnstorming " in our nowadays ? Answer is in the story...


Another autobiographical story in which Richard Bach crosses the United States flying a Ryan Detroit Parks P-2A " Speedster " , biplane made in the early 30s. This initiatory journey, which he lives alone in this uncomfortable machine leads him at himself limits. He will there come even to doubt abouts his pilot's capacities, he who piloted nevertheless F-100 Sabre fighters. But, in spite of a last try to cross the Rocky Montains where winds begin blowing as strongly as the plane maximum speed and where, nearly arrived, he has to be resolved to go back to the departure aerodrome, he will arrive safe and secure, on the West coast of United States.

Jonathan Livingston Seagull

Who does not know Jonathan Livingston Seagull immortalized at screen by Neil Diamond's music ? This kind of universal and rare philosophic tale which addresses all and is situated in the lineage of " Petit Prince " (Saint Exupéry) or other "Alchemist" (Paulo Cuelho). Ray Bradubury said that the reading of this book made him two things: It makes fly him and it makes felt younger him ! It is the only book which produces me following effect: If ever I open it, to any page and whatever is the moment I can not refrain from reading it until the end ...

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Richard meets here Donald Shimoda, the " reluctant messiah ", evolved soul man, who is fed up whith his profession because, disappointed by the crowds more intrested in seeing the miracles that he is able to do than listening his message, he ran away aboard his " Travelair 4000 ", in the deep Middle West, to practise there, as Richard, the " barnstorming " at three dollars the ride. Happy to break with his loneliness, Richard will go from surprises to surprises, embarrassed by Donald's ambiguous personality, who maltreats his certainties and retaille the borders of the possible as he likes, as coming back from a flight without a single mosquito stuck on the windscreen, flying at 30 mph while Travelair stalls at 60, or flying more than 10 hours without adding a drop of gaz or oil. Donald will try to convince Richard that life is only illusion, following the example of cinema, that both only things which one can do are learning and having pleasure and that to be happy, it is enough to want it really. In this book, Richard Bach distils us a beautiful philosophic tale with a strong interesting and enigmatic personage bringing a strange and disturbing message. But nevertheless this book does not reach the universality and the poetry of "Jonathan Livingstone". Only readers accustomed to Richard Bach's imaginary worlds will find there their account.

A Gift of Wings

This stories and novels collection is a little miracle ! French translation, appeared under the title " Un cadeau du ciel ", did not see useless to publish all the stories of the American edition. It is pity because the best stories are, in my opinion , in the part not translated as "A gospel according to Sam" or "Death in the afternoon: a soaring story".

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