A gift of Max

Louis Blériot crossed the Channel in July 1909


The Morane H de Roland Garros

Blériot 11


Morane H

The Spad 13 of Eddie Rickenbacker

The triplan of Baron Von Richtoffen

The Breguet 14, hero of St Exupery's Wind, sand and stars

Spad 13

Focker DR1 "Triplan"

Breguet 14

The Douglas DC3 or C47 Dakota

The morane parasol

Bucker Jungmann

Douglas DC3

Morane "Parasol"

Bucker "Jungmann"


Flying Fortress


Grumann "Avenger"

B17 "Flying fortress"

B26 "Invader"

Chance Vaught Corsair F4U

North American P51D mustang

Supermarine spitfire

F4U "Corsair"

P51D "Mustang"

Supermarine "Spitfire"

F8F bearcat


The French D520 of Emile Dewoitine

Grumann "Bearcat"

Douglas "Skyraider"

Dewoitine D520