What's new

Fist of all, I would like to thank all of those that had patience and I hope pleasure for visiting my pages, and especially those that mailed me, encouraged me or asked me for the very few things I could know. Here is the list of the new pages of this site.

June, 5th 2004 Update :

thank you Max

My E10 Olympus could not be repaired ... My dealer proposed me to have an EOS 300D ... I think I got a good deal ...give me your opinion ? The "piper_05_chavenay_merci_Max" gallery shows pics shot by Max (EOS10D with a 300 mm Canon lens) and some other pics shot with the EOS 300D with a 28 105 Canon lens from inside the piper. One more time Max had a good feeling. We can just thank him to offer us such beautiful pictures shot from the 05 track threshold of Chavenay airfield.

April, 14th 2004 update :


I had some problems with my "REAL (digital) camera", so, waiting it's being repaired, I uploaded "old" shots. Enjoy the wonderful castles nearby the parisian landscape (chateaux), that one could see only from sky because ... it's just flat ! I'd like to say "thank you" to Nigel, who made some english corrections in the

"fying free"


June, 10th 2003 update :

Let's try

At last I got a REAL (digital) camera ! Try yourself ! Enjoy the "La ferté Alais" Aviation Meeting shot with a good camera ! I can't beleive it myself ...

October, 30th 2002 update :


Photos ! More photos ... New galleries of photos shot from aircrafts are now available ! I can't find any time to update my (paleo)galleries so I had to switch to "modern" languages (php and javascript). Thanks to François who develop the diaporama. It would be impossible for me to develop such a generic viewer. I'm sorry for those that only understand english, but the name of each new gallery is the name of the directory containing the pictures, thus each directory name ... is a french name !

January 13th 2002 update :


The main page has been a little bit modified. I'm sorry for those that don't like Chopin, but I replaced the valse N°7 opus 64 by the nocturne N° 21. But it's possible to switch off ...

Aero club

This page contains two new galleries : Paris : 15 photos shot from plane of Paris and the country around Paris at all seasons, and Flying faces : 14 photos of some friends flying with me. I could not resist from adding my little family flying ...

The Piper PA11

Four new photos of this beautiful plane, built in 1948.

Legend airplanes

The P51 Mustang picture was a bit blur, so I replaced it by a photo of the same plane, but shot by Max.


Some links have been updated. Unfortunately, the official Richard Bach site does not exist any more, but we are a lot in the world that dedicate our pages to this wonderful writer.

Octobre 10th, 2001 update :


These pages now use the "frames" facility ("Not too late !", will say some, and they're right, because my knowledge of the internet software is archaic, I'm only used for programming in Fortran ...). The navigation will be easier. On the left of the upside frame, one can see a midi player. Those who can't stand Chopin may stop it.


This page offrers now 8 galleries instead of 3 before

Flying in Martinique

Pictures of an unforgetable flight in Martinique, in april 2001.


Photos of the basque coast, flying the RF6B F-GADT, at Christmas 2000.

Aero Club

This gallery has been reorganised on the feature of my 3 favourite planes, the one that I use most of time : the Robin DR 221, the Fournier RF4 et the Piper PA 11.

A gift of Max

Max is a friend that do have a real passion for aviation. He has been seeking evrery aviation meeting for more than 15 years and he made lots of beautiful airplanes shots. He has no patience to make his own web site so that he authirized me to put some pictures on mine. This is a gift for us, thank you Max ...

Other books

I hardly wanted to speak about these two books that had a great influence in my flying man life : "Le grand cirque" by Pierre Clostermann, and "Les visiteurs du ciel" by Hubert Haupetit.


I just added "Illusions : the adventures of a reluctant messiah" by Richard Bach, that a lot of people should read, by these trouble times ...